Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm back!

So it's only been about a year and a half since my last posting when BYU beat U of U in football. Go BYU! Well a lot has happened since that football game. BYU beat U of U again. Go BYU! I not live in L.A. The Jazz just beat the Lakers in overtime in game four of the playoffs. Go Jazz! I made my debut to the big screen (Just a movie trailer for "The House Bunny" though. Nothing big). And I got a full-time job during the writer's strike doing advertising and design for a motorsport company called Alpinestars.

So I've been away from the blogging world for awhile (well I don't know if I was ever really in it) but I want to start blogging more. I need find some motivation to blog. I need to find something interesting and something I can have fun blogging about. I don't think blogging about my daily occurrences will be that "something." But I will continue to update my blog with whatever until I figure out what that "something" is.


Kenny said...

Welcome back, Glade.

I definitely recommend augmenting your "pals" list.

If you need recommendations of who to add... I know a guy.

Yancy said...

welcome back my friend.

i love that you posted about being an extra in the trailer for House Bunny when I read a post maybe 4 days before yours from Becca's blog where she said she "thought" that was you.

aliciadiane said...

Glader Sue...this is going to be awesome. Keep it up. YOU know I am your #1 fan. Love ya.

Roxanne said...

So I went to see What Happens in Vegas on Friday night...and there was a trailer for House Bunny and I totally thought that was you in in...sure enough it was. That's awesome!